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Our Reviews

We have used Aiello for many and have always been pleased.
Cindy N., Matt R.
Awesome Service
Amanda E., Paula M., Michael R.
I am furious with your service, first of all I am a licensed (P-2) union plumber and my tech(Ken) had me sign a work order for a a/c condenser fan motor and he told me that it would be installed within 2 days. Today is friday ( day 4) and I was just told that the earliest installation will take place on this upcoming Monday ( day 7) plus it is to be the hottest weekend this weekend. I will NOT recommending your company to people when asked who to use for residential jobs - I work on large commercial jobs where others ask me this frequently
Kevin A., Ken B., Amanda E.
Great experience from start to finish.
Alex F., Jeff G., Tim L.
Michael Rigsby came out to my house in only a few hours--fixed a leak quickly and completely. I will defiinitely use them again.
Michael R.
From the call I made in the morning to the amazing electrician that came to my home, I felt very taken care of. The work was quality and the staff was very bright and professional! Thanks again for an excellent experience!
Amanda E., Kerrie G., Matt R.
William L. Arrived at my house at the designated time to fix a connection problem with my intelligent thermostat, which I am very happy with. He was very knowledgeable and a very nice person.
William L.
Tim was extremely helpful fixing the outside faucet. He explained everything really well and suggested a valuable service plan that my husband and I are strongly considering.Thanks Tim!
Tim M.
While the rep was courteous and informative, the company is money hungry and greedy. Every other HVAC company I called would give a free quote for service, but they wanted to charge $70 just to give a quote! Too bad, Aiello. There are competitors out there and you are not a monopoly!
Sarah B.
We have been customers of Aiello for several years now. They replaced our old central A/C unit and did a FANTASTIC JOB! My wife and I will never forget the fantastic installation the crew of Aiello gentlemen were extremely courteous, professional, and VERY NEAT - no mess - no headaches. I tell everyone about my great experience. Recently, Craig Nolan, HVAC Service Technician performed the annual maintenance on our central A/C Unit and Craig was terrific. He was first and foremost a gentleman, courteous to both me and my wife, and professional. And, he was very thorough and explained his findings about the unit after he was done. What more could we ask for. We will be asking for Mr.Nolan to service our unit in the future. Aiello is fortunate to have a great representative in Mr.Nolan out there servicing HVACs, dealing with the customers and doing a quality job.

Tim was once again, terrific. Courteous, professional, and attention to detail orientated. Great service, great scheduling staff and customer service, and great workmanship.

Mr. C. did a really good job repairing the damage to a main pipe in an upstairs bathroom. It was not a simple job and required a good bit of skill, which he had in abundance! He also cleaned up everything in the work area when he was finished. I'll have him back to do more plumbing work (It's an old house with old pipes!) as soon as I can afford it. Aiello is good...but not cheap.
Peter C., Amanda E., Paula M.
Called Aeillo for an emergency water leak from my water tank. The final repair turned out very well and the repairman really knew what he was doing. My reason for 3 stars is because it took an unreasonable amount of time for anyone to get to me and this was an emergency. I called around 5AM when I noticed the leak, and was told the first repairman could be there between 7 and 8. He arrived at 8:30 only to tell me he had to call his boss because he wasn't equipped for this repair. His boss didn't show up until about 11 (6 hours after my call!), meanwhile my water tank slowly emptied all over my basement, spilling into my garage. Good news was they took so long there wasn't much left in the tank so it made very little mess coming out. But I think next time I'll try someone else when my house is slowly flooding.
Amanda E., Paula M., Tim M., Michael R.
Jason M and David from Aiello Home Services did an outstanding job performing the home energy audit.
Jason M.
Jason and David did an outstanding job performing the home energy audit.
Jason M.
Mike and Paula were great to work with. Paula was most helpful and quickly got me my appointment, and Mike was here right on time and did a flawless job. Good Job!
Mike D., Paula M.
Paula at the office as well as Tim, the technician who performed the service are both outstanding representatives of Aiello Home Services. Tim was exceptionally professional, courteous, and very attention to detail orientated. Paula could not have been more helpful and accomodating. This is my second time with this company and rest assured it will not be the last.
Amanda E., Paula M., Tim M.
WAY Overpriced. We were charged over $500 to snake our bathtub drain. I was led to believe it was more serious than it was to justify the price quote, when in actuality, it was a simple drain snake. Plumber was there for appx. 1 hour, snaking the drain and running water down the pipe. That was all. Could have had the same result with our snake and heavy duty drain cleaner from Home Depot. Never again. As another customer noted, "Google Aeillo and Lawsuit" Aeillo Home Services" and "lawsuit" and you'll see that the owner and GM both paid civil fines to the CT Dept of Consumer Protection to avoid criminal prosecutions for fraud and rampant overcharging/overbilling.
Mike D., Amanda E., Paula M.
Great service...first experience with Aiello Home Services but not our last.

Fast, courteous, competent - what more could you want? After 3 independent local plumbers "didn't have time" to assess my clogged kitchen drain that we couldn't snake open, I called Aiello. A plumber was at my house within 4 hours. (He actually arrived 20 minutes before the start of the 4-hour window they estimated) The job done in less than an hour, at the estimated cost, and everything was left clean and properly functioning. I will definitely call them first the next time I need a plumber!
Mike D., Amanda E., Brittany G.
Aiello Home Services We contracted with Aiello for a Home Energy Audit...They were on-time for the appointment and did a masterful job during the Audit. At the end of the Audit Jason walked me through the findings and recommendations. Jason is was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Aiello Home Services. Jim from Willington
Jason M.
Tom S****** showed up on time and was very informative. It showed he had a lot of knowledge. He fixed our A/C and showed me a lot of tips to keep it going.
Tom S.
We have been repeat Aiello customers over the past few years including replacing our A/C system 5 and half years ago. This spring our fan unit would not start. We called for a service and I was told by the technician, Jason, that the blower motor was shot and the warranty period from Lennox was only for 1 year. The cost to replace would be over $1,100 and the technician was pushy. He made me feel like I had to make an impulse decision on a Friday afternoon when the replacement had to be ordered and the repair wouldn't be done until the following Wednesday. He also bordered on rude when I indicated that I thought the amount was outrageous and he responded "what do you think should be done". I responded that I thought a pro rated warranty or discount seemed appropriate. I also indicated that I didn't think he would be authorized to offer a discount but felt he should have spoken to someone who could. I then called and asked to speak with the Service Manager. The Service Manager, Steve was not in and I left a voicemail. He never returned my call. I called another HVAC company and they quoted me a price that was ~$350 less. In the past, the Service Technicians were helpful and would advocate for us as customers. We have never questioned Aiello's service or prices in the past but that will not be the case in the future
Kevin A., Amanda E., Jason L.
Matt M. was prompt, courteous, quick, personable and very helpful getting my plumbing problem resolved. Thanks Matt!
Matt M.
Mike Dayton is a courteous and knowledgeable technician. After a plumber and HVAC technician came by to diagnose a crack in the condensate line of the AC unit, he fully explained why the different techs came (apparently the first plumber could have done the job but didn't think to do it) and apologized for the inconvenience. He thoughtfully answered all my questions and expediently performed the service. Everyone should ask for him! It's just too bad we had to go through a plumber and HVAC guy to get to him.
Mike D.
Tom did an awesome job diagnosing the issue, repairing it, and setting expectations. The service was fantastic .
Tom S.
(no comment)
Stacy C., Amanda E., Brittany G.
This was my first experience with Aiello Home Services and I was not disappointed. The woman who took the appointment request on the phone was polite and efficient. The tech, Matt, showed up on time, explained my options along with prices and performed all the work in short order. He also helped me with some questions I had on my water system. I would recommend them to anyone. Great job.
Matt M., Paula M.
Dorsey did a wonderful job!
Dorsey C.
Very professional and knowledgeable

great sevice , qualitlty work , friendly tech....thank you!
Amanda E., Matt M., Paula M.
Excellent professional job from start to finish
Mark M.
Extremely courteous, professional, and competent. Great company to work with.

On Monday May 23, 2016 the HVAC Service Technician Mr. Craig Nolan came to our home and performed the annual checkup of our central A/C unit. Mr.Nolan was extremely polite, courteous, and easy to talk with. You could not ask for a more professional, respectful and hardworking gentleman than Mr. Nolan. It is service technicians like Mr. Craig Nolan that keep my wife and I coming back to Aiello for routine service, repairs and other products sold and serviced by Aiello. After Mr.Nolan left our home my wife and I wrote down his name next to Aiello and will request that the company send Mr.Craig Nolan for all future service and repair of our central A/C. Aiello should be very proud of Mr.Nolan the way he represents himself and the company in the eye of the public.

Over the past 10 years or so Aiello Home Services has serviced our central air conditioning system and the service has been very good. All of the technicians who have come to our home to perform the annual maintenance/checkup of the system have been very professional, courteous, and great technicians. We have not had to have them come back for a "REDO"! In addition, several years ago when our system was approximately 18 years old we decided to replace it and we asked Aiello to review the system and provide an estimate for their work. We met with a representative of the company in our home and were very pleased with his recommendations and price. The installantion was EXCELLENT! Aiello sent out a "TEAM" of installers approximately 5 gentlemen who worked from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (NON-STOP) removing our old system and installing the new system. This was a lot of work, but their team was exceptional. These gentlemen were professional, HARD WORKING, and VERY NEAT - no mess - nothing was damaged. We were thrilled with the installation and the excellent team that Aiello sent to out home. These installers were FIRST CLASS! My wife and I always recommend to our friends and family Aiello to install and service central AC!
Craig N.
From the dispatcher(Amanda) to the Customer Service Rep(Kevin) to the technician(Tim): ALL were extremely professional and courteous. Tech performed a super job with excellent cleanup after. Gave 4 stars instead of 5 only because services were a tad pricey but if you want the quality, you have to be prepared to pay for it. Overall quality and workmanship were 5 star.
Kevin A., Amanda E., Tim M.
Awesome service, prompt, terrific problem-solving and quick resolution to all issues!

Great service....Thank you...
Amanda E., Paula M., Matt R.
Mike M and Mike D completed a big furnace, AC and water heater installation job flawlessly. Both were very professional and courteous. Extremely happy with on-time project completion.
Mike M.
I had scheduled an AC checkup approximately six weeks in advance. Aiello’s notified me the night prior that they were unable to make the appointment – but not before I drove 8 hours from Pennsylvania to be present for the inspection the following day. However, Aiello did send its plumbing and electrical service reps (unsolicited and unannounced) the following day. As a result of not wanting to inconvenience these gentlemen, I had to alter my schedule to accommodate their visit. Overall, very disappointed with this company’s ability to coordinate customer support. I have canceled my service contract.
Amanda E., Katie M., Carmelo M., Tim M.
I would not recommend Aiello’s to my worst enemy. I had scheduled an AC checkup approximately six weeks in advance. Aiello’s notified me the night prior that they were unable to make the appointment – but not before I drove 8 hours from Pennsylvania to be present for the inspection the following day. However, Aiello did send its plumbing and electrical service reps (unsolicited and unannounced) the following day. As a result of not wanting to inconvenience these gentlemen, I had to alter my schedule to accommodate their visit. Overall, very disappointed with this company’s ability to coordinate customer support. I have canceled my service contract.
Amanda E., Katie M., Carmelo M., Tim M.
My friend recommended me the home energy audit from Aiello. Ross and Mike came to my house at 8am and left at 4:30pm. You can imagine how much work they did. They checked the gas leak, all the air leaks and they filled all the gaps and leaks. Ross and Mike are very patient and knowledgeable with all my questions. And also their feedback are very honest. I got free LED light bulbs. For $99, I can't imagine receiving such awesome service. They did recommend light bulbs, service plan and wifi thermostat to me. But I never felt pushed to buy anything. Definitely will recommend my friends to have the service. I highly appreciate Ross and Mike's fine work.
Ross S.
One never gets used to the challenges of owning an old home. As I was trying to fix a running toilet I found that the pipe from the wall to the toilet was leaking and the toilet was actually not repairable. How can things my age (66) fall apart so easily? Anyway, I called Aiello on a Sunday. They booked me quickly for Monday morning and replaced the old pipe and installed a new super-fancy toilet. I thought it was pretty extravagant until I started using it and realized that it was indeed well worth the money. You never regret spending money for quality products and good service!
Kevin A., Ken B., Amanda E.
Great job!

Matt was fantastic! We are already additional work with Aiello. What a find, thanks to your advertising!

Fantastic service by Matt! Aiello is now in my Rolodex.
Matt M.
Matt was very professional and knowledgeable. Matt advised of items to look out for to prevent problems and provided maintenance tips.
Matt M.
My 1st experience with Aiello was very good, your technician Pete was very professional and he explained a few options to me relating to my Hot Water Heater. Due to the age (14 years) and condition and corrosion it was best to replace the whole WH. Pete arrived at 9am and was completed by noon. We had hot water by 1:30 and were able to use the showers again I would definitely recommend your company to friends and neighbors. You are actually coming out to look at my AC this week as well

Craig was very professional and answered all my questions during my service. He even accommodated a last minute request and brought plumbing product even though I was scheduled for a ac service. Thank you.
Kevin A., Craig N.
The technician was very knowledgeable and personable. He pointed out the probable causes of our problem as well as potential solutions. He kept us informed at each step of the process. Excellent results. We would not hesitate to recommend his services to others.


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